Food Experience

All the flour in your sack... Experience Pozzuoli!

  • Participants min. 1, max 6
  • Investment 150,00 euro
  • Duration 11 hours
  • Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Timetable 10:00 - 21:00
  • Location Pozzuoli
Group of 4 persons: save 20%
About the experience "All the flour in your sack... Experience Pozzuoli!"

All the Flour in Your Sack will let you experience being a pizza chef for a day.

Ciro Coccia, third generation pizza chef, guides you in experiencing what it is to be a pizza chef for a day. From the seafront of Pozzuoli and the archeological wonders of the Campi Flegrei emerges the pizzeria of Ciro, a master who will unveil the secrets of pizza making in Naples. A unique creation will be in your hands: pizza is here considered not just nourishment, but also symbolic, a ritual. Food of the rich, food of the poor. A festive disc of dough, coloured deep red. But it is also more than just those components of water and flour. Pizza is created, not simply cooked. It is made with the hands, and with the skill of the palms.

Live the experience in a typical pizzeria, become a Neapolitan chef.

In the morning you will prepare the dough with your own hands, kneading to the right consistency. Meanwhile, as you wait for the dough to rise and mature, you will visit the archaeological sites of the surrounding Campi Flegrei, with electric bicycles and entrance tickets provided.

In the early evening, after the brief tour, you will work the dough on the pizza counter, and after having topped the pizza with tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil and olive oil, and being conquered by the wonderful aromas, you will be ready to cook. Watch it while it bakes, while adjusting its position in the wood oven, controlling the temperature and seeing it grow. When it is done, each will consume the result of their work, the Neapolitan Pizza in the totality of its freshness.


Program and information

From 10 until 2pm:

  • Introduction to Neapolitan Pizza.

  • Selecting the best produce

  • Demonstration and creation of the dough.

From 2pm to 7pm

  • Visit of Campi Flegrei and the Archeological park of Pozzuoli with electric bicyles and entrance tickets offered by Ciro.

  • Tickets for the Archeological park of Campi Flegrei include:

1) Visit to the Archeological museum of of Campi Flegrei in Baia

2) Amphitheatre Flavio Pozzuoli

3) Archeological excavations of Cuma

4) Archeological zone of Baia

Valid for 2 days. Entrance available until 5.30pm

From 7pm to 9pm

  • Cooking of your pizza in the woodfired oven

  • Delivery of the recipe cooked.

The local speaks: italian


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