Artisan Experience


Live the experience of being a Neapolitan Luthier for a day.

After all, a work of art is not realized with ideas, but with the hands. P.Picasso

  • Participants min. 1, max 3
  • Investment 35,00 euro
  • Duration 01:00 h.
  • Days Saturday
  • Timetable 16:00 - 17:00
  • Location Naples
About the experience "Mandolin "

Timber, natural glues, tools created hundreds of years ago and art in abundance: these are the ingredients that the artist combines to create precision mandolins in his workshop. Learn the fine art of creating a mandolin.

If Neapolitan music is one of the greatest human assets of the audible arts, the mandolin is one of the most ancient and internationally played instruments.
The birthplace of Neapolitan music is the workshop of the mandolin, where slivers of fine timber rearrange themselves into the form of music. It is the origin of the sonnets of life, resting between passion and vocation, art and craftsmanship. Here we will talk about technique and sensitivity, and how to transmit emotion through dexterity. It is in this workshop that these instruments are born: mandolins that are capable of telling the story of the music of Napoli. 
Here you will meet  artisans of sound living within the pentagram. They create perfect instruments that cross the barriers of time, without confines, to play the most enchanting notes of Neapolitan music.

Accompanied by these masters, and with the tools of the mandolin maker, you will heat and bend the staves that make up the curved body of the mandolin. Then, using an ancient technique of heated glue attachment, you will place the curved pieces on the back of the mandolin, anchoring it to the previous stave with a 'straw paper' that acts as a vice. You will learn to transform a piece of inanimate wood into an object with its own soul, using the various woodworking techniques handed down over the centuries by great master craftsmen.
The Artisan Experience will allow you to meet the true soul of Naples, she who resounds among the strings of the mandolin, small but grand works of art. All built in these small workshops, in which beat the hearts of those who transmute their passions into instruments though their craft.

The History of the Mandolin
The origins of this instrument are all Neapolitan, and date back to the seventeenth century, when the first instruments were made by the master violin makers of Casa Vinaccia, the first violin makers specializing in the construction of this particular instrument. Typically of common use, it has become the steady companion of the concertists of the Neapolitan area.

Program and information


- Welcome and introduction with the famous regional Limoncello

- Introduction to the artistic history of classical Neapolitan violin making and the mandolin family

- Explanation of the various crafting techniques

- Technical processing instruction

- Creation of a stave using the ancient technique of a luthier, with engravings of your name.

- The local speaks: english, italian

William E. - 17/03/2018

I am so grateful for the experience and I would like my house to be closer to the shop, so I could come back often. 

Monica e Paolo - 16/03/2018

Un' esperienza che consiglio a chiunque ami l'arte e la musica

NapoletanoDOC - 16/03/2018

Tornare nella mia città, con una doga del mandolino  fatta con le mie mani e con il mio nome inciso è una soddisfazione impagabile. Grazie Dario!

Juan - 16/03/2018

Increible me he sentido un tio de Napoles! Juan 

Pablo - 13/03/2018

Ha sido una experiencia muy guay! Pablito :)

Francesca - 28/02/2018

Credo che vivere l'esperienza di tourist experience non possa che arricchirti. grazie alla grande disponibilità dello staff... 


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