Traditional craftsmanship

Ceramic workshop - The trumpet of San Pietro

  • Participants min 1, max 30
  • Investment 10,00 euro
    (Children 5,00 euro)
  • Duration 02:00 h.
  • Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Timetable 10:00 - 12:00 / 17:00 - 19:00
  • Location Grottaglie
About the experience "Ceramic workshop - The trumpet of San Pietro"

Concentrating on this ceramic artefact, unique among its kind, this workshop takes place inside the laboratory of the master ceramicist.

First, a reception in the 'figulina' storefront; followed by the story of the 'trumpet' along with a description of its peculiarities, its characteristic carved decoration, the artefact's roots in history and legend (there are those who claim it to be of Jewish origin, and those who argue that it is instead an object to mock the people of the Middle Ages); the 'Immaterial Memory', which assured 'good health' for the throat; the destruction of the object into many pieces (which always took place on June 29, the feast of San Pietro), where everyone would have taken a shard away as a lucky charm; demonstration of the particular "rasp" that it produces.

Provided to participants will be the raw clay trumpet and some wooden sticks with which he can freely decorate as he wishes.

The artefact may then taken home by the participant.

If the guest is from the area, the trumpet can be bisque-fired and then collected. If the guest is not from the area, it can be taken home unfired, then treated with fixing spray/ hair spray/ varnish in order to seal it.

The laboratory ends with the rite of rupture. Here, the ceramicist, together with the participants, will pray for fortune guarding against their worries ("And for the state exam [...]", "Against the pandemic [...]", etc.) and for good luck will smash the object, with everyone then free to carry away a shard.

The guest is then invited to try out using the "lathe", a tool that allows the creation of circular  objects. Once pedal-operated, the lathe is now now motorised, however remains equally difficult in its use.

In summer, moreover, it is possible, during the wait to watch the sunset from the panoramic terrace of the shop that embraces the Ceramics District, to visit the Historic Center of Grottaglie and the Episcopio Castle, all with a view of Taranto and the Martina Franca plateau (TA).

Program and information
  • Become an "actor of the territory", entering the heart of Grottagliese culture
  • Experience the"life of the ceramic workshop", made up of cosy spaces, perfumes and colours, experiencing firsthand the methods of operation (modelling, decoration, engraving)
  • If you want to "get your hands dirty" (psychological imprint), working with clay will involve getting your hands, nails and clothes dirty.
  • Freedom of creation, and participants having the opportunity to express to their creativity and imagination in the creation
  • Disconnect with routine, put stress on hold and live in the moment with total relaxation, forget work and quarantine, experience serenity, where the individual is the nucleus of the context, and experience all of this with genuine and friendly people.
  • Age child from 3 to 8 years

Languages spoken by the Local: Italiano, Inglese, Italian, English
Adherence to the 'Safe Welcome' protocol defined in the risk assessment document in accordance with Legislative Decree 2008/81 and subsequent amendments, in order to mitigate the risk of transmission of infection from Covid-19 within locations, tourist accommodation facilities and indoor and outdoor environments, with the aim of protecting the health and safety of guests, customers, collaborators, partners.


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