Artisan Experience

ATTUNZU tray inspired by the Sardinian Canistedda

  • Participants min. 1, max 4
  • Investment 370,00 euro
  • Duration 10 hours
  • Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Timetable 09:00 - 19:00
  • Location Nuoro
Group of 4 persons: save 5%
About the experience "ATTUNZU tray inspired by the Sardinian Canistedda"

The Attùnzu (Autumn) tray is part of the 'Istajones' collection, meaning 'seasons' in the Sardinian language. The item to be created bears a tradition present in the ornamental motif, inspired by Attunzu (Autumn). The various seasons influence a different concept or style, and are developed with the choice of the glass material. The geometric patterns that decorate the object are simple forms, arranged following a visual rhythm that can be also be found in the classic designs of traditional Sardinian carpets.

The objective of the experience is to teach participants the technique of glass fusion, used to create different types of objects (windows, paintings, costume jewellery, and so on).

After choosing the subject and type of item to be created, we will proceed with cutting the glass and shaping it with grinding, following the guidelines of the image chosen by the participant. The next stage will be the composition of the design and colouring using the suitable oxides. After assembly on the glass, the assembled piece will be melted in the appropriate mould. The adorned object is then delivered into the hands of to the participants.

Program and information
  • Choice of subject and support
  • Support cutting, grinding
  • Design composition and colouring
  • Assembly on support
  • Fusion of the object
  • Languages ​​spoken by the local:  Italian




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