Food Experience

Traditional Abruzzo cuisine with local wines

Abruzzo strong and gentle (Primo Levi)

  • Participants min. 4, max 50
  • Investment 110,00 euro
    (Children 25,00 euro)
  • Duration 4 hours
  • Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Timetable 10:30 - 14:30
  • Location Vasto
About the experience "Traditional Abruzzo cuisine with local wines"

The experience takes place on the organic farm, which produces high-end wines exported and awarded globally.

It starts with a visit to the cellars so as to demonstrate the natural winemaking methods and the aging of the wine.

We then continue on to visit the vineyards comprised of native grapes, and to discover the specific characteristics of the surrounding area and the secrets of organic viticulture. Organic farm is located on the promontory of Punta Penna, which overlooks the Gulf of Vasto: a location that gives to the rich, potent and enduring wines.

Beginning the traditional cooking course: the "old-fashioned" ladies will show you how to prepare two recipes of the region: a common appetizer of the Upper Vastese tradition and fresh Abruzzo pasta. The course is not taught by professional chefs (although one is employed in their restaurant), but by expert housewives, precisely in order to maximize the authenticity of the experience.

After the cooking class, guests sit down to lunch and taste what they have prepared with their own hands, in addition to other local specialties. Some courses, if the recipe calls for it, are prepared in front of you. However, this is not just a simple lunch. Each course is paired with an organic wine produced by Fontefico (a total of 4 wines, including a Reserve) and guests will learn not only the characteristics of the wines but also the principles of the food and wine pairing techniques.

In all, the experience consists of a visit to the cellars and the vineyards, a cooking lesson on the traditional cuisine, and a degustation lunch with the wine maker who will explain the wines and the pairings. Everything takes place in an interactive and pleasingly direct manner.

Program and information
  • Guided tour of the cellar and vineyards
  •  Cooking lesson: the participant will be supplied with everything necessary to replicate what the cooks themselves produce. In particular, we will proceed with the guided preparation of a typical appetizer of the Upper Vastese (e.g. "Pallott cac'e dove", stuffed eggplants) and fresh pasta (e.g. Sagne, Fusilli)
  • Lunch with a guided tasting.
  • The locals speak:Italian, English, Spanish
  • Age child from 3 to 12 (up to 12 years, children pay only for lunch. Children of age
    under 3 years do not pay)
  • The "local" of the experience described agrees to adhere to the "Safe Reception" protocol defined in the risk assessment by Legislative Decree 2008/81, including subsequent amendments, in order to mitigate the risk of contagion transmission of Covid-19 within locations, tourist-accommodation facilities, indoor and outdoor environments, with the aim of protecting the health and safety of guests, customers, collaborators, partners.



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