Team Building

Cooking Pasta: a Team Building Exercise

'Life is a combination of pasta and magic' Federico Fellini

  • Participants min. 4, max 18
  • Investment 30,00 euro
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Timetable 10:00 - 12:00
  • Location Gragnano
About the experience "Cooking Pasta: a Team Building Exercise"

Kneading is one of the gestures that most reconnects us with the world and helps lighten our thoughts, our stress and fatigue.

Therefore, it's the perfect challenge! In the form of a game, let's bring to life an event characterised by the pleasant prospect of a group meal created using our own gifts. As with any challenging goal, it can only be achieved if the team is united and effective.
In the Somma Pasta Factory, the participants, put in groups, will have to distribute tasks and roles in order to create a range of handmade pasta. 
Guided by an expert, they are encouraged to experiment in the creation of three types of pasta, working in synergy towards a common result, then together enjoying the fruits of their own actions and work.
The team will learn how to prepare the most popular forms of pasta in an infinite number of forms, of every colour and flavour. Does the task of making them all seems difficult?
It certainly can be! However, Team Building Pasta Cooking is, above all, a way to learn about Italian traditions, whilst enjoying a pleasant and familial atmosphere. 

Why not replicate the same relaxed environment with our office colleagues?
Between those who knead, those who roll out, and those who cut the pasta, the team will learn to improve in the fields of:
-Task division
-Time and resource management

The objective of this team building exercise is to create group synergy, with the knowledge that work carried out together achieves much more than work carried out alone.
Understand that each person is a piece of a much larger picture, a puzzle that needs individual input to achieve a great goal.

Program and information

- A visit to the "Galleria del Grano"
The Pastificio Somma offers a path dedicated to the enhancement of local craftsmanship and the historic center of the city of Gragnano, famous around the world for the production of macaroni, a regional pasta of Southern Italy. The experience begins in the “Galleria del Grano”, where the wheat washing tanks and ancient aqueduct are located.

- Demonstration and creation of the dough, by hand.

- At the end of the experience, you're able to carry home fresh pasta to share with your loved ones, involving them in the experience and knowledge you gained.

Languages spoken by the local: Italian






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