[Tour Naples]

Decumani, pezzentelle souls and collages

A refrische 'e ll'anime d'o priatorio!

  • Participants min 2, max 10
    Sconto per bambini fino a 12 years
  • Investment 75,00 euro
    (Children 30,00 euro)
  • Duration 2:30 h.
  • Days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
  • Timetable 16:00 - 18:30
  • Location Naples
Group of 5 persons: save 5%
About the experience "Decumani, pezzentelle souls and collages"

Naples is a city rich in history and its roots has mythological story from the mermaid Partenope! The city has never stopped enriching itself with myths, legends and popular stories that spread throughout the city in a truly unique and unrepeatable cultural syncretism! The guided tour of Decumani, pezzentelle souls and collages, will take you to discover the Decumani, the ancient streets of the city of Neapolis, among whose alleys there is still a unique cult in the city: the "pezzentelle souls".  A special experience with a neapolitan craftsmanship waiting for you, where you can create a collage in a workshop in the historic center of Naples.

Program and information

We will start from Piazza Bellini, where are the greek walls of the ancient city. We will begin to walk through the main arteries of Naples: the decumani. Crossing via dei Tribunali, we will discover all the secrets and cults hidden in this incredible street. We will visit the Pietrasanta bell tower, the church of the Souls in Purgatory, the newsstands of the pezzentelle souls scattered throughout the city and finally we will participate in a truly unique experience: the creation of a collage with a Neapolitan artist-craftsman. In a familiar and welcoming workshop, with waste materials, magazines, newspapers, advertising flyers, we will create beautiful images that are aesthetically accessible even to those who have no artistic skills, because in the collage technique, the head acts as a prompter but it is the heart that commands. bringing with you an all-round experience on Neapolitan culture, different from all the others!

Languages spoken by the Local: Italiano, Inglese, Spagnolo
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