Food Experience

Fresh Pasta

Life is a combination of pasta and magic (Federico Fellini)

  • Participants min. 2, max 8
  • Investment 40,00 euro
  • Duration 6 hours
  • Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Timetable 16:00 - 22:00
  • Location Pozzuoli
About the experience "Fresh Pasta "

The Cantina dell'Averno is a winery and agritourism company, located near the shores of Lake Averno, an enchanting place surrounded by lush greenery and overlooked by the temple of Apollo.

Making Pasta by hand is one of the most ancient and strongly rooted traditions in Italy. Each region of Italy distinguishes itself with its own particular pasta. In Campagnia, gnocchi, lasagne, tagliatelle and ravioli are the dishes of the Sunday meal, of celebrations with family or friends.

The women of Neapolitan households rise on the morning of the day of the feast to prepare these unique treats. With us, live the experience of working the dough with your hands, with flour, eggs and potatoes of the highest quality. Experience the various steps of processing, feeling the tension and the yield of the dough. Learn to stretch the dough for lasagna or ravioli and tagliatelle, and discover the differences between the various doughs. Be amazed at discovering what your hands are capable of.

At the end your efforts will be rewarded with dinner, together enjoying what we have created, and accompanied with a good glass of wine produced by the same company. During the experience you will be guided by Gisa and Emilio, chefs for passion. At the end of the experience, take home some fresh pasta which you can cook for your loved ones, sharing your experience with them.


Program and information
  • A welcoming aperitivo
  • Creating the pasta
  • Dinner
  • Gift of the fresh pasta
  • Languages spoken by the local: Italian and English


All the flour in your sack... Experience Pozzuoli!


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