Traditional craftsmanship

Neapolitan Landscapes in Copper

  • Participants min 2, max 5
  • Investment 30,00 euro
    (Children GRATIS)
  • Duration 02:00 h.
  • Days Tuesday, Friday
  • Timetable 11:00 - 13:00 / 15:00 - 17:00
  • Location Naples
About the experience "Neapolitan Landscapes in Copper"

The panorama of the gulf of Naples, the spectacular gift from nature to our city, has inspired artists from every era, giving location to a rich pictorial practice. Yet another local tradition from our long history is the artisan object in copper. Still today, every product from any workshop in which these products emerge is modelled using domestic utensils and for artistic purposes.

Luisa Marazita, Neapolitan artist and inexhaustible font of creativity, gives homage to to the city, uniting two traditions. A classical subject and an antique material, through the use of her personal techniques, become reshaped into new and original interpretation. Modelling a leaf of copper, Luisa Marazita is able to give life to detailed landscapes and figures, with grand visual impact.

Model your Neapolitan landscape in copper, under the guide of Luisa, in the splendid setting of the church of San Biagio Maggiore. You will learn the techniques in a joyful environment, breathing the creative atmosphere of San Gregorio, a collective of artists and artisans in the heart of the centre of Naples.

Concluding the experience, the landscape you have created is given  to you, and you'll carry with you a small "Piece of Napoli".

Program and information
  • Welcome and introductions with Typical Neapolitan sweets: The "Ministeriale" .
  • Supplied Materials: Copper leaf; Metallic foils; cardboard; frames.

The local speaks: italian

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