Artisan Experience

Textiles in the form of the Pizza

Through the magical weaving of yarns, give shape to textiles full of life

The art of needlework

  • Participants min. 1, max 10
  • Investment 25,00 euro
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Days Tuesday, Thursday
  • Timetable 11:00 - 13:00 / 15:00 - 17:00
  • Location Naples
About the experience "Textiles in the form of the Pizza"

The yarn unites women from all over the world and becomes a tradition, a culture, a manual art, which represents an essential aspect of the feminine tradition.


Luisa Vannini will guide you in the experience of seeing what you can create with your hands, through the historic techniques of crochet.

Through the magical weaving of yarns, give shape to textiles full of life. Each puncture of the needle initiates a tale. Stories told by women who recount their history. Find a fragile but enduring link with the artistic past. The origins of crochet are ancient and difficult to trace, but primitive examples have been found in every corner of the globe. The most delicate form originated in Italy in the sixteenth century and was used by nuns to make furnishings and clothing for the church.

Why choose the shape of a Margherita pizza for a pot holder?

Because it represents the Neapolitan way. As it is said, in 1889 the cook Raffaele Esposito dedicated a pizza to honor the Queen of Italy Margherita di Savoia, using ingredients of the Italian flag color.


The History:

The yarn in the embroidery of Southern Italy

The word "embroidery" comes from the Arabic "raqm", signifying "sign". The woven yarn, embroidered or worked in various ways and with various mediums or tools, alludes to ancient origins. In the eyes of those who admire its art, it appears as a work of ingenuity, beauty and inimitable and precious commitment. From the Vesuvian to the Irpini territories, the whole of Campania, and many other regions of the South, there are women who still cultivate customs and traditions linked to the "thread", (although not just elderly ladies and not just women), in particular being: embroidery, lace and tombolo, which in many Neapolitan countries boast a renowned craftsmanship.

Program and information
  • Welcome and introductions with caffè espresso.

  • Kit: Wool for the creation of the potholder, scissors, needles, markers and crochet needles.

  • Every potholder will be a memory to carry with you.

The local speaks: italian






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