Artisan Experience

Painter for a day

Live the experience of painting O 'Tammuriello' Napoletano

'I dream of my painting, and then I paint my dream' ( Vincent Van Gogh )

  • Participants min. 2, max 10
  • Cost 25,00 euro
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Days Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Timetable 11:00 - 13:00 / 15:00 - 17:00
  • Location San Biagio Maggiore, via San Gregorio n.35 Napoli
About the experience "Painter for a day"

Live the experience of being a painter for a day, painting O’ Tammuriello’ Napoletano.

The Tamburello drum, typical of the popular traditions, has ancient origins. It was an exclusively feminine instrument, as testified by the works of medieval painters. We suppose that the circular form, surrounded by bells, was chosen for its resemblance to the sun, a symbol of Astarte, goddess of fertility. The Tamburello is formed with a circular frame of timber, decorated with tufts of coloured coloured ribbons and flat pieces of tin as cymbals. The hide, pulled over the wooden frame, is painted with characteristic historical scenes, epics of natural landscapes, such as the gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. The instrument is used throughout the meridian mediterranean, and accompanies the songs and the dances of each region. Live the experience with painter Milena Gallo O’ Tammuriello’ Napoletano, in an historic Neapolitan location, San Biagio Maggiore, in the heart of the historical centre of Naples.

San Biagio Maggiore is located in the historical centre of Napoli, and is dedicated to Saint San Biagio. Founded in 1631, the church is conjoined with the church of San Gennaro all’Olmo. The street which takes the name of the church was occupied mainly by booksellers occupied in the conservation of the religious complexes. The church was reopened to worship after many years thanks to the Gianbattista Vico foundation, that chose this location as its headquarters.

Program and information
  • Welcome and introductions with coffee and limoncello

Kit: Tamburello with a sketch of the design, palette e brushes for all participants.

After drying the Tamburelli, the unique pieces are taken by each participant, a small "piece of Naples" to be carried home in your suitcase.

The local speaks: italian